The Memorial Association

The Neckarelz Concentration Camp Memorial Registered Assosiation was founded in 1993. It has approximately 130 members and is recognized as a charitable organisation.

The association´s most important functions are the sponsorship of the Concentration Camp Memorial and that of the "Goldfish" Historical Trail. Both facilities were designed by association members, and made possible by volunteer workers, numerous helpers, and donations.

Further goals are:

  • increase the knowledge about the Nazi era. This takes place through many different types of events, as well as through our own research and publications.
  • Maintaining contact with former prisoners and their families. With the passage of time, the association is now more often in contact with the descendants (second and third generations) of the former prisoners . 
  • Active opposition to right-wing extremism, racism and other manifestations of group-focused inhumanity.

Be Supportive and Active

The Neckarelz Concentration Camp Association offers many different ways to either actively or passively support our efforts:

  • Membership
  • volunteer work (without being a member), for example being a guide on Sundays - or for groups.
  • Helping out on specific projects (ie: exhibitions, taking care of, and maintaining the Goldfish trail etc.)
  • donations

If you are interest in helping out with a special project, please write to us!

The Board of Directors


Dorothee Roos, email: