Neckarelz Concentration Camp Memorial Visitor Information

Opening Hours
The Neckarelz Concentration Camp Memorial (Mosbacher Straße 39, 74821 Mosbach) is located on the school grounds of the Clemens Brentano Elementary School in Neckarelz, a district of Mosbach. The memorial is open every Sunday from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm. It is closed on Sundays in December until January 27. Groups are welcome outside of regular opening hours and during the winter break.
Tours and Projects
Please be sure to register in advance for special group tours or projects. Our memorial guides are volunteers, and are therefore not always on site. We cannot guarantee that tours or projects will take place if registrations are made on short notice. An early registration ensures a tailor-made tour for students and youth groups, as well as for adult groups.
Besides the regular opening hours on Sundays and group tours, the memorial also offers special events.
Visitor Support
During our regular opening hours, our competent staff is available to answer your questions.
Admission Fees
Admission Fees
Admission – single3,50 €1,50 €
Group admission per person (from 7 people)2,50 €1,50 €
Guided tours per group (plus group admission price)25,00 €10,00 €
Project for students:Full-day = 40,00 €Half-day 20,00 €

*) Discounted Admission Fees apply to association members, students and trainees. Proof of I.D. may be requested

Arriving by Car
Leave the B27/B292 at the „Neckarelz-Mitte“ exit. Follow the signs to Neckarelz. After passing the large school house, immediately turn right into the school grounds. If arriving via the Heilbronner and Heidelberger Straße, follow the signs in the “Neckarelzer Ortsmitte” traffic circle to the memorial.
For GPS: Mosbacher Straße 39, 74821 Mosbach.
On the weekends all of the parking spaces on the school grounds are available. During the week, registered guests are free to enter the school grounds and use the parking spaces. Parking permits will be given out by the memorial. Any possible problems will be dealt with at the time of registration.
Arriving by Tour Bus
Buses can make a short stop on the sidewalk just in front of the school in order to let visitors get on or off (Mosbacher Straße 39). There is a large parking lot available for bus parking next to the Auguste Pattberg Gymnasium in Neckarelz (Messplatz).
Arriving by Bus (Public Transport)
When travelling along the Mosbacher Straße, get off at either the „Lindengasse“ or „Paul Gerhard Straße/Underpass“ stop. It is a 5 minute walk from either stop to the school grounds – Mosbacher Straße 39.
Arriving by Train
When arriving from Heidelberg, Heilbronn or Osterburken, get off at the Mosbach-Neckarelz train station. It is about a 15 minute walk from the memorial, and there are signs in front of the station to point you in the right direction.
Arriving by Bike
The memorial lies directly on the Elz bike path that runs from Neckarelz to Mosbach. It is therefore automatically connected to the various bike routes in and around the entire region. There are signs at the parking lot “Bleiche” in Mosbach, as well as at the large parking lot next to the Auguste Pattberg Gymnasium in Neckarelz. You can cross the Elz on the Dr. Hans Wey bridge.
Wheelchair Accessibility
The memorial is wheelchair accessible. However, it is to be noted that some of the slopes on the grounds are steeper than 6%. There is a washroom for the disabled. There are places to sit in all of our exhibition rooms.
Easy Language
Tours are available in an easy to understand language. The memorial´s permanent exhibit on the first level has little text, but rather objects, photos, drawings etc. that speak to both the senses and the mind. Drawers containing various texts can be found on the second level.
Foreign Languages
Tours are offered in both English and French. It is advisable to book a foreign language tour well in advance. All of the texts in the exhibitions are available in English and French. The corresponding folders are available and contain enough copies for your group.