Educational tours for youth/student groups



The following is normally included in a tour:

  • A school becomes a concentration camp
  • The daily routine in the Camp
  • Prisoners` - Forced Labour/“Goldfish”
  • Getting to know the important people (prisoners, perpetrators, helpers…)
  • Medical care
  • Victims and Perpetrators
  • Natzweiler and the satellite camps

With prior agreement, any one of these topics can be more closely looked at, and emphasized. The tour includes elements that can be discovered individually. Normally, a round table discussion is held at the end of the tour.

The tour takes approximately 1,5 – 2 hours.

If requested, a film can be shown at the end of the tour. This would add on and extra 35 minutes.

Führungen auf dem Geschichtslehrpfad "Goldfisch"

Im Prinzip ist der Geschichtslehrpfad selbst-erklärend. Eine Führung durch die Lehrperson ist hier der Normalfall. Wir empfehlen als Vorbereitung eine Vorab-Begehung mithilfe der ausführlichen Beschreibung der Stationen. Führungen durch GedenkstättenlotsInnen können gebucht werden, wenn zusätzlich noch mehr Hintergrundinformationen gewünscht werden.

Half-day projects : “Learning Boxes”

The students/youth work on the principal of discovering the information to various topics within the memorial by themselves. They then put the information together in order to present it to their classmates. They must confront and analyse the biographies of both the prisoners and the perpetrators, and at the same time attempt to find a relevant link to their own present day situations.

For this purpose, the memorial has put together “Learning Boxes”. These boxes are filled with objects, texts and pictures that help to complement and deepen what has been learned through the exhibition.

Time required: a typical school afternoon – approximately 4 hours.

Project days


This project includes an extensive tour of the Neckarelz Memorial or the half day project, as well as a walking tour of the “Goldfish” Trail in Obrigheim. The weather must be taken into consideration for this option.

Time required 6-8 hours.


  • The walk from the Memorial to the first Station of the “Goldfish” Trail takes about 45 minutes. The loop itself takes about 1 – 1,5 hours. Further information can be found through the “Goldfish” Historical Trail link. Part of the route can be travelled by bus. In order to plan this option, an exact time plan must be worked out between the tour of the Memorial and the “Goldfish” hike.
  • A longer break is recommended.
  • A picnic lunch can be eaten in the Memorial´s seminar room. There are also take away restaurants in the area.


  • In order to implement either the half day or full day projects, an agreement must be reached between the teachers (or those responsible for a group) and the Memorial´s staff. These tours can only be carried out when there are enough available volunteer guides.
  • Groups having more than 30 people would normally be divided. If there are not enough volunteer guides available, part of the group will discover part of the exhibition on their own after the guide has indicated points of interest. The groups would then be rejoined.
  • A group can either register by filling out an inquiry form , or by calling 06261-670653 and leaving a message on the answering machine. Please see the price list for the costs.