Visitor Information „Goldfish“ Historical Trail


The historical trail is accessible at all times. Sturdy shoes are required, especially in wet conditions.


The trail´s loop is approximately 2,5 km and has two main Stations.


The Stations have information panels – however they are only available in German.


Touring the trail is self-explanatory.Tours can be booked through the Memorial. Tours beginning from Station 1 take about one and a half hours to complete.


There is no entry charge, but the tour costs 20 euro for adults. Discounted tours cost 10 euro.

Arriving by Car

If arriving by car, please look at the page for directions.


There are parking places for four to five cars – Warning: there is no parking permitted in front of the gate to the warehouse on the opposite side! There are additional parking places at the base of the footpath to Station 1 – about an 8 minute walk – see directions.

Arriving by Tour Bus

There is parking space available for one tour bus at the parking place P1.

Arriving by Bus (Public Transport)

From the bus stop in front of the “Gardinenfabrik Obrigheim” – it is a five minute walk to Station 1. From the bus stop “Obrigheim Neckarbrücke” it is about a 20 minute walk to Station 1.
The current bus schedule is available through the VRN.

Arriving by Train

If you are arriving by train, the walk from the Neckarelz train station to Station 1 takes about 40 minutes. The other option is to take a bus from the train station. The bus depot is located directly across from the station.

Wheelchair Accessibility

The trail is not wheel chair accessible. The Stations 1 to 5 can be reached without stairs. The path´s slope is only partially paved. The stairway to Station 6 has 100 steps!